Is God Calling you to be a Deacon?
Personal Requirements
1. be a baptized man who is confirmed in the Catholic Church of the East; 
2. be a part of the Catholic Church of the East for a minimum of 1 year;
3. be a United States Citizen or a legal, permanent resident at the time of admission;
4. be at least 18 years of age at the time of admission to the program;
5. be less than 80 years of age on the date of ordination;
6. enjoy good physical and mental health with no condition which would impede diaconal ministry;
7. have successfully completed two years of college or its equivalent in life experience (evaluated on an individual basis by the Deacon Formation Team);
8. possess financial security with a history of steady employment in a position that does not require frequent travel or reassignment;
9. be a registered parishioner in a parish within the Catholic Church of the East;
Family Requirements
10. if married, have been married for at least two years and live in a stable and valid marriage, and be willing to remain celibate if his wife precedes him in death;
11. have the wife's full support. Her commitment is essential as not only will she be supporting you while in the program but also she is expected to participate in the screening process and attend retreats, days of recollection, professional days and other such events throughout the formation period. She is welcome to attend any and all aspects of the formation program except those few which are designed for candidates only;
12. if single, enjoy a stable settled life with a history of healthy relationships and understand the implications of the charism of celibacy or married life;
13. enjoy with his family a good reputation within the community;
14. be able to give the time required for study and service without detriment to his family;
Ministry Requirements
15. have shown a significant involvement in the Catholic Church of the East; in assisting in all Masses and liturgies of this Church;
16. having successfully completed the required course of the Archdiocese, the candidate will be ordained to the Holy of Office of Deacon. The Deacon Formation Team will consider equivalencies for these requirements on a case-by-case basis;
17. participate and successfully complete the program period coordinated by the Office of Clergy Personnel within one year prior to acceptance to the Deacon Formation Program. This period will be a series of discernment days with an attendance fee;
18. be willing and able to make a life-long commitment to serve the Catholic Church of the East;
19. be willing to promise obedience to the Archbishop and be willing to accept any pastoral assignment that may be given to him by the Church;
20. be presently active in the Church and be recognized and accepted as a leader within the community;
21. be highly recommended by those who have worked with him in ministry and who can attest to his potential to be an ordained minister in the Church;
22. Be willing to serve the faithful and all others who wish to join and be part of the communion of this Church.
Seminary of the Catholic Church of the East
 Archdiocese of Saint James the Apostle
Most Reverend Ramzi R. Musallam
27 Main Street
New Millport, PA 16861
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