Holy Land Sponsorship

The Palestinian Orthodox Church in the USA Sponsor the Holy Land's Christian Schools who are facing a critical financial need. Prior to the beginning of the Intifada, The Holy Land Christian schools were running large deficits. These deficits have risen sharply this year as families are no longer able to pay tuition since there is no Jobs to be offered to many families who are in need. Schools are hard-pressed to cover operating costs, teachers salaries, maintenance, etc.
We as the Palestinian Orthodox Church of America wishes to ask all our friends in the Church and friends of our Church to help our  Holy Lands Christian schools in preserving there Christian presence in the Holy Land. 

There are over 15,000 Christian students in Christian schools throughout Palestine, Jordan, and Israel. The Archdiocese of the Palestinian Orthodox Church hopes to find sponsors for all of these children from among concerned Christian faithful here in the West.

We urge you, Individuals, families, church organizations, and school groups can sponsor a child in the Holy Land. Sponsorship builds a real, interactive relationship between the Holy Land child and his or her sponsor. A photo of and information about the student are provided to the sponsor, along with a certificate and accompanying material. Communications between sponsor and child are exchanged on Easter, Christmas, and within the first two months of the school year.

Sponsorship involves children from all denominations, and the sponsor's contribution goes directly to the child's school rather than to the child's family. Sponsorship is intended to help the schools continue to provide a solid Christian education and thereby benefits the entire student body.

Your help is urgent at this time to keep these young people educated in Christian Schools and receive a solid Christian Education. The future for them is now to learn and look for a better and safer world. You can donate to the Palestinian Orthodox Church 1812 Mahantango St Pottsville, PA. Your help can save a Child.
also you may call us at Chancery: 570-875-8387, 
Cathedral 570-718-8761 

In Christ, 

His Eminence, Archbishop Melchisedeck 
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